The Super Fun House

Before I go into this, I want to give a side note – I am no economist; rather just a guy behind a screen giving my ideas to the public. I don’t know how much this would cost, how big it would be, or if it could be maintained over a long period of time.

There are always days that are boring, such as mine today. It’s rainy, cold, and generally nasty. Why not have something that is unaffected by weather and fun for everyone? This inflatable “house,” or toy as it may be called, would be a great workout and tons of fun. It would have competitive games, activities, sports courts, an obstacle course, and most importantly, it would be safe.

It could have player-vs-player games, such as Sumo and Gladiator Jousting, which are fun for family and friends to have competitions in. There could be sprayers loaded with water and water slides because the environment would be temperature controlled. There could also be gigantic slides, because of the scale of the house.

Also included would also be sports courts/fields, such as basketball, dodgeball, and soccer. A nice touch to these already amazing courts/fields could be an option of using trampolines with very tight springs, which would let people jump extremely high, literally adding in a third dimension to ground-based games, such as soccer and dodgeball. Having contestants be constantly in the air adds another level of strategy to soccer, making people have to coordinate themselves, depending on predictions as to what will happen next. It would also teach people how to manipulate their bodies to go higher or come down faster to adjust to shots or passes.

There could also be an obstacle course,  which can be gigantic, depending on the size of the structure. The obstacle course could have spider climbing, rock climbing, trucking objects, dodging objects while on slides, rope swinging, etc. It could be a semi-miniature Ninja Warrior course. Another idea for this course is that it would stretch around the perimeter of the inflatable, starting on one end of the house (probably the entrance), and extending in opposite directions following the walls until they met up at the other side, directly across from the entrance, and colliding into one final event; which would obviously be the dodge slide. This idea basically calls for a facade in the interior of the house, around a 6-foot gap, and a wall protecting from the outside. The facades should have selected locations with net screens, so that racers could look out to the center of the house, and people in the house could look into the race. Overall, a highlight of the super fun house.

A very important result of having the house be inflatable is that injuries would not be as common. Landing on your legs or butt would not hurt at all, provided you know how to manipulate yourself on a trampoline. With proper training, anyone can learn how to manipulate themselves in the air, and have a great time.

To conclude, this super fun house would be amazing. It would be fun, including competitive games, sports, activities, and an obstacle course. It would also be safe because it is, as a result of inflation, air-padded. To top it all off, no one can deny loving a bouncy house.

This idea is a great one and I really hope you enjoyed. Sometimes these fun ideas are just what a person needs to create a stroke of brilliance. It can be the key to a genius stroke.


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